Introducing The Gen 4 Zeus Smart Chassis™

One Mean Machine...

The Zeus Z-19 all-electric work truck is the solution to your medium-duty fleet electrification needs. With improved top speed, acceleration, and curb climb capabilities, the Gen 4 of the Zeus Z-19 Class 5 Work Truck Chassis is ready to handle any application.

The updated turn radius makes navigating even the tightest spaces a breeze. Plus, with our modular design, we're ready to produce the Zeus Z-19 in high volume, helping your fleet meet its emmissions goals efficiently and sustainably.

800-Volt Performance for faster charging and improved performance

Robust "Smart Chassis" Controls for a reliable, efficient and scalable solution

Endless Cab, Frame & Battery Configurations for your upfit application

We arn't reinventing the wheel, but we are reinventing the work truck.

Optimized For Your Upfitters & Body OEMs

Easy access to wiring and other components improves the overall safety of the upfitting process and the modular design of Zeus trucks allows for quick and easy installation of the components you need to suit your industry and application.

800-Volt Performance 

With its Gen 4 model of the Z-19 all-electric smart chassis, Zeus now utilizes an 800-volt system which has several advantages over a 400-volt system including:

  • Faster charging times: With an 800-volt system, an EV can charge at a much faster rate than with a 400-volt system. This is because higher voltage enables the use of larger charging currents, resulting in shorter charging times.
  • Improved performance: An 800-volt system can deliver more power to the EV's electric motor, resulting in improved acceleration and higher top speeds.
  • Reduced weight and size: Higher voltage systems can reduce the size and weight of the components needed for the EV's powertrain, which can translate to a lighter and more compact vehicle.
  • Longer driving range: An 800-volt system can also increase the driving range of an EV, as it can deliver more energy to the battery pack with less resistance and heat generation.

The Zeus 800-volt system provides the improved efficiency, performance, and driving range that are critical for a medium-duty work truck.