A True Class 4-6 Electric Cab-Chassis Vocational Truck Solution

  • Electric power platform with market-leading productivity
  • Configurable wheel base, battery capacity and payload
  • Utilizes existing OEM bodies and auxiliary tool functions
  • Common software tools and major components
  • Market-leading durability and Total Cost of Ownership

Zeus Z-22 Class 6 Specifications

The Zeus Electric Vocational Truck Chassis is configurable from class 4-6.
For more details regarding available configurations, please inquire here.

Mechanical Specifications

Wheelbase 160” (Min)
Cab to Axel (CA) 60”, 84”, 108”, 120”, Etc.
Drive Options AWD
Axle / Suspension 4 Wheel Independent
Brakes 4 Wheel Disc
Tire / Wheel Size 295 60R 225

EV Components

Traction Motor PMAC Dual Liquid-Cooled
Battery Lithium-Ion NMC
Drive Options AWD
Battery Size Up to 175 kWh
Regen Braking Standard
Onboard Charger J1772 Level-2 CCS1 - DC Fast
Charging Time Varies
Portable Power 15,000 Watts


Range 150 miles Nominal (Laden)
Maximum Speed 73 mph
Continuous Power 216 kW (290Hp)
Continuous Torque 3,000 Ft-Lbs


Cab Type Conventional 2DR, X2DR, 4DR
Driver Interface 10” Display
Accessories AC, Heat, Sat Radio, Telematics
ACC Power 120 / 240 Volt


GVWR 16,001 - 22,300 lbs
Curb Weight 10,000 lbs (Starting)
Payload Up to 11,000 lbs

No Compromises

Your truck, your tool, your business

The only true ground up, fully-electric cab-chassis designed for the vocational work truck industry.

Zeus Electric Vocational Truck Industries Served

The Zeus Power Platform™ business model enables unmatched speed to market while utilizing existing OEM body solutions and channels to market.

Positioning our OEM Body Partners for Success

Zeus Electric Work Truck Cab Options

The Zeus Cab-Chassis is Configurable from 10k to 55k GVWR Applications


OEM & Upfitter Approved

Full integration with existing work truck bodies and tools. Work with your upfitters and body manufacturers.


Reduced Cost of Ownership

Save money on fuel, downtime and
maintenance all while increasing
productivity and reducing emissions.

Zeus Power Platform ™

Engineering & manufacturing uncompromising, all-electric Class 4-6 vocational Truck solutions that address environmental & industry needs.

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