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Can a work truck change how  we work?

It's not just possible, it's happening.

Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. (Zeus) has developed an uncompromising, full-configurable, all-electric work truck solution to address an untapped market.

Our truck has been eight years in the making and offers an innovative, thoughtful solution for the specialty truck industry and the environment.


Interest is Growing

The electric vehicle (EV) market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  Zeus introduces an innovative model that will help determine where this amazing industry goes.

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An Industry Ready to be Electrified

The specialty truck market opportunities are huge and about to get bigger.

  • Medium- to heavy-duty work trucks make up the majority of commercial and government fleets.
  • While focused largely on the mass consumer market, other manufacturers have failed to address the specialty work truck market.
  • Government EV mandates, rebates and incentives have shifted efforts to decarbonize work truck fleets into overdrive.
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How To Invest

Zeus is raising $10.25 million via crowdfund and 506C offerings to fund our operations and the completion of our first 20 truck builds in 2022. These offerings will close on Friday, December 31, 2021.

Zeus Electric Chassis utilizes the investment experts at Silicon Prairie to ensure a seamless investment experience for our investors. Transactions must occur on a secure portal to ensure your investment is handled properly and legally. Our partner, Silicon Prairie, provides the platform and tools to do investing properly and in compliance with all financial regulations.

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When you click “Invest Now,” you will be taken to the Zeus investment page on the Silicon Prairie portal. Follow these steps to invest in Zeus:

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The Zeus Difference

We felt their pain and delivered

Fleet owners are often frustrated by the cost and complexity of acquiring, maintaining and operating service vehicles.

Zeus dramatically simplifies the process of building and maintaining fleets. We deliver EV work truck solutions specifically targeted to address pain points plaguing specialty vocational fleets.

Zeus Electric Chassis Team

The Zeus team on location in MN with the Gen 2 Zeus Electric Chassis Production Prototype.


A Broad, Addressable Market

Industry segments built on work truck chassis include utility, telecom, waste collection, shuttle and school bus, fire and rescue, landscaping, and construction, to name just a few. Our versatile design and assembly process means we can quickly address adjacent markets.

A focus on a greener future

  • Zeus is well-positioned to integrate emerging technology into our products and business model.
  • Industry experts predict that vocational fleets will be among the first to employ vehicle-to-vehicle communication, self-driving trucks and other new technologies.
  • The transportation industry is responsible for 28 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for 23 percent of those emissions.
  • Adding even a small percentage of zero emission work trucks to fleets would dramatically reduce the industry's carbon footprint.
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Get Your Copy of Our Investor Book

We’re raising money on more than a rendering:

We’re building tomorrow’s truck today.

  • The Company is negotiating with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), the 6th largest community-owned, not-for-profit electric service provider in the U.S. In the proposed deal Zeus will deliver five purpose-built vocational work trucks in Q4 of 2021 to support a six month fleet adoption program.
  • We opened a 11,000+ square foot production facility in MN and have a scalable assembly plan for additional space.
  • Zeus recently wrapped up a successful private seed capital raise, exceeding our goal of $500K to close at $751K in less than six months.
  • Zeus is raising $10.25 million via crowdfund and 506C offerings to fund our operations and the completion of our first 20 truck builds in 2022. These offerings will close on Friday, December 31, 2021.


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