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SMUD Electric Work Truck
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Zeus Electric Chassis ®

Founded in 2018 and based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. is focused on developing a severe-duty, eMobility solution from the ground up.

Well-networked within the work truck industry, the company has engineered a highly versatile, BEV cab and chassis platform that enables fleets to use their existing, trusted OEM body partners, system integrators, and upfitters for Class 4, 5, and 6 applications, such as bucket trucks, cranes, dump, and service bodies, to name just a few. - More about Zeus

SMUD Electric Work Trucks Assembled in White Bear Lake, MN

We’re launching the new year with a lot of noise on the production floor at Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. (Zeus).

Assembly of the first five trucks is well underway at the Zeus facility in White Bear Lake, MN. Unlike their diesel counterparts, these trucks have dramatically fewer parts which simplifies the entire assembly process.

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The Gen 2 Zeus Electric Chassis Prototype on-site in MN