The All-Electric Work Truck Chassis

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The Z-19 All Electric Work Truck Chassis

Zeus Z19 Electric Work Truck

Our Z-19 chassis’ 800-volt system & streamlined software architecture have
allowed us to create a truck that makes it easier than ever to incorporate your tools and equipment.

Power Payload & Purpose

The Zeus electric work truck "smart chassis" is the all-electric, class-5 solution to your medium duty fleet electrification needs.

  • Standard Dual RWD
  • Over 9,000 lbs Payload
  • Over 350 hp Fully-Integrated eAXLE
  • Level 2 & Optional DC Fast Charge
  • Upfit Ready

Reduced Operating Costs & Efficient Upfitting Process

Zeus is engineered to work with a wide variety of OEM bodies and tools reducing your upfitting time while saving money on fuel, downtime and maintenance all while increasing productivity & reducing emissions.

Optimized For Your Upfitters & Body OEMs

With its 350 hp dual RWD eAXLE & 9,000 lbs of payload powered by safe 150+ kWh LFP battery, the Z-19 is engineered specifically for quick and easy installation of the components you need to suit your industry and application.

Upfitter Approved

The Z-19 Zeus electric work truck smart chassis will be capable of exporting power, transferring power between vehicles, and functioning as an AC power bank to operate tools and equipment.

  • Robust Controls: With the Zeus Z-19 we are implementing a software architecture that not only makes our truck safer, it also makes it easier to work on and interface with.
  • Modular Design: Our modular design allows for easier maintenance, greater flexibility in the components we utilize, and a more cohesive upfitting interface - all available in both 84" CA and 108" CA chassis configurations.
  • Faster Charging Times: Zeus's higher voltage rating enables the use of larger charging currents, resulting in shorter charging times.
  • Power Control Interface: Zeus gives upfitters high and low voltage power access through a dedicated API to operate tools & equipment.
  • Safety: Zeus adheres to industry best practices and safety standards to guide the design and development of safety-related control systems.
Zeus Electric Work Truck Chassis Side View

Coupled with our exclusive, conventional cabin and contemporary interior design the Zeus Z-19 frame rails are "Clean and Clear" with all components packed below the top of the frame.

Available in 84" CA and 108" CA chassis configurations.


Designed for Class-5 Applications

We’ve designed the truck’s frame, suspension, & battery configuration for performance and durability. We also implemented a control system & electrical architecture that operates at a high-voltage for greater efficiency, power delivery & faster charge times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the frame designed?
The Zeus modular c-channel frame is “clean and clear” and an easy platform for upfitters to install a variety of body applications.

What is your range in miles?
Work effects range. Testing of our 800-volt system in regards to range is ongoing.  110 mile minimum (estimated).

What is the top speed of a Zeus truck?
Average top speed is estimated at 65+ mph.

What is the DC voltage of the Zeus Batteries?
Zeus operates at 800 vdc.

How long does the system take to charge?
Level 2 charging maximum rate of charge is 15kW. Time to charge depends on charging power and depth of battery discharge. DC fast charging will be available soon, dramatically decreasing charge times.

Can I use my existing body OEM designs and auxiliary functions on your chassis?
Yes, we’ve designed our cab chassis platform to accommodate existing bodies and auxiliary functions.

What is the serviceability of my Zeus truck?
The Zeus design focuses on ease of maintenance & serviceability. 

Does Zeus have an integrated camera system?
Yes, up to 4 cameras may be integrated directly with our center console display.

Where are Zeus chassis being built?
Edison Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc.  Port Huron, MI.  Read More

Will you have a CARB Executive Order (EO) & will the MY24 Market Entry Z19 be eligible for VW and DOE grant funding?
Yes, to all.

Will the Zeus electric chassis be HVIP approved?
Yes, $60,000 voucher. The voucher doubles to $120,000 for customers who qualify for the Innovative Small E-Fleet (ISEF) program.

What is the base MSRP for a Zeus chassis?
Contact us here for more information.

What models are available now and what is lead time?
We are currently taking reservations for the MY24 “Market Entry” Z19 model.  Contact us here for more information.

How do I reserve a Zeus Chassis?
To pre-order your Zeus Chassis, contact us here for more information..

Does Zeus have a dealer near me?
We are setting up strategic dealers for sales and service. If you are a potential dealer, contact us here for more information.

Where can we go for Zeus service?
Your team, participating dealers and third-party maintenance providers will be trained to maintain the truck. Local service will expand with our growing dealer network.

Zeus Z19 All Electric Service Truck

About Zeus Electric Chassis

Founded in 2018 and based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. has developed a ground-up medium-duty, electric chassis-cab.

Zeus chassis-cabs enable fleets to use their existing, trusted OEM body partners, system integrators, and upfitters for medium duty applications, such as bucket trucks, box trucks, small buses, dump trucks, and mobile service trucks.

Contact us here for more information.