SMUD Electric Work Trucks Assembled in White Bear Lake

January 12, 2022

Zeus EV Assembly Plant White Bear Lake MN

Minneapolis, MN (January 11, 2022) – We’re launching the new year with a lot of noise on the production floor at Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. (Zeus).

Assembly of the first five trucks is well underway at the Zeus facility in White Bear Lake, MN. Unlike their diesel counterparts, these trucks have dramatically fewer parts which simplifies the entire assembly process.

The five trucks are being built from the ground-up, to spec, for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). The unique configurations include: an electric stake truck, an electric open-body service truck, an electric closed-body service truck with crew cab, an electric dump truck, and an electric box truck. SMUD is all-in on adopting their work truck fleets to electric, and is excited to get the Zeus trucks in the field.

“We have over 1,000 transportation assets in our fleet and an ambitious goal of 100% zero emissions vehicles and equipment by 2030 and have made good progress on some fronts, like removing the last gasoline-only sedans from our fleet in 2019,” says Paul Lau, CEO and general manager of SMUD. “But it’s been more challenging with a larger medium- and heavy-duty trucks because the electric options are limited.” 

“Zeus Electric Chassis was the only Class 4, 5, and 6 electric chassis manufacturer in North America offering flexibility through customized configuration of the chassis, cab, and body. This meant we could test medium-duty trucks in our commercial fleet in many parts of our utility business, which was really exciting.”

Paul Lau – Chief Executive Officer & General Manager at SMUD

The SMUD trucks are being built on the Zeus Z-19 (Class 5, 19,500-lb GVWR) chassis. The baseline Z-19 offers a standard range of 150 miles. The batteries have an expected life span of approximately 3,000 charging cycles, which should equate to about eight to 10 years. Level 2 and DC fast charging are supported, as well as export power capabilities to suit customer needs.  

The battery system incorporates a battery thermal management system which nominally cools or heats the batteries in extreme environments, to minimize the impact of temperature on battery capacity – a key feature for all electric work trucks! 

About Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc.

Zeus is a leading class 4-6 purpose-built, severe-duty, electric work truck solution in North America. Our mission is to engineer and manufacture uncompromising, full-electric vocational solutions that address environmental and industry needs. Our ground-up approach and willingness to co-develop allows our customers to reimagine their future business model. Zeus is well networked within the eMobility ecosystem, partnering with market leading technology suppliers, work truck OEM’s, end-user fleets, and non-profit industry leaders with the mission of accelerating EV adoption nationwide.

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